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There are a few ways of ordering an LCD screen: using the laptop model number, the screen model, the manufacturer’s part number, and [not recommended] by following an advice found online on a forum, or elsewhere.

Just as everywhere else, there are good ways and bad ways.

1. Ordering by the laptop model number.


Most of the time, knowing the laptop model is enough to order the right part. However, some laptop manufacturers produce laptop models that have an option for a higher resolution, or in some cases, even a slightly different size screens – Dell Latitude E5540, or most if not all HP’s CTO (Custom-To-Order) laptops, for example.

Whenever you see an option for a different resolution or a different backlight type screen, it is always a good idea to check the LCD screen model number. The higher/lower resolution screen may not (and most likely will not) work properly, and may even damage your computer if you use a different resolution screen other than your original.

2. Ordering by the laptop screen (LCD) model number.


Every screen installed in any laptop has a screen model number on the back of the LCD screen. This is without a doubt the best way to order replacement screens. The model number denotes the size, the resolution and the backlight type. The only thing you may need to confirm is the location of the connector (for some 15.6″ and 17.3″ HP laptops), and the mounting tabs positioning for some smaller 10.1″ and 11.6″ netbooks.

3. Ordering by the manufacturer’s part number.


This is very similar to ordering by the laptop model number. The part number is commonly found in the owners manual, or by checking online by typing the product or the serial number on the manufacturer’s website. Some of our customers have reported that they were able to get the part numbers from the manufacturer.

But if your laptop screen was replaced or upgraded before, the part number on the LCD screen will not be accurate. In addition to that, we have witnessed cases when our customers have reported they have received wrong information about their machines when contacting the manufacturer; especially in cases when the laptop has more than one screen resolution or backlight type option.

4. Ordering by the information found online.


There are a lot of success stories when our customers were able to get the screen resolution upgraded by just swapping screens; but you have to understand that in order for the LCD screen resolution to be upgraded successfully, more often than not, you need to get a higher capacity cable (a dual-channel vs. a single-channel cable; not relevant to the amount of pins on the cable); and make sure that the video card will be able to handle the higher resolution. We do not recommend that option, and if you decide to attempt the installation nonetheless, you are doing so at your own discretion and risk.


When Should I Replace My Laptop Battery?

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A lot of laptop owners think that their batteries will last forever. This is not true – the average life expectancy for a laptop battery is only around one to two years. In all honesty, it depends on how you use your laptop. The answer to the question “when to replace a laptop battery?” is when your operating system tells you to replace it.

You need to accept that your laptop battery will lose its ability to store a charge and die. Laptop batteries are not cheap, so it is in your interest to look after them and use them as sparingly as you can. But that is the subject of another guide – here we are concerned about when your laptop battery will die and your need to replace it with a new one.

Factors that cause a Laptop Battery to die

Every time that you use and charge your laptop battery, it will degrade it slightly. Your laptop battery will not have the same capacity to be fully charged as it did before. When your laptop battery is new, it will be a full power and charging capacity. Gradually this will diminish and you will need to replace it.

When a laptop battery is on its way out, your machine will need to work harder to achieve the same results. This results in increased heat which your standard fan setup may not be able to deal with effectively. Excess heat will have a significant effect on the life of your laptop battery.

If you plug your laptop into a mains outlet and your battery won’t charge, this could tell you that a replacement is necessary. Be sure to check first that there is power at the mains outlet and that a UPS or surge protector is not preventing your battery from charging. You could try another mains outlet for example. If there is power, then your battery will probably need replacing.

When using battery power, take a careful note of how quickly your laptop battery requires recharging. If this is happening more often than it used to, you will likely need a new battery.

You need to know what the average operation time is with a fully charged laptop battery. Usually, the laptop manufacturer will have average durations for this, such as 6 hours. Of course, you need to take into account how you are using your laptop. If you have many applications open and maximum screen brightness, this will run down your battery faster.

Another sign that your laptop battery could require replacement is if you experience your laptop shutting down suddenly. Other things can cause a sudden shut down of your laptop, but a battery in a poor state of health is a very common reason for this.

If you suspect that your laptop battery is causing your machine to shut down unexpectedly, try using it for a while plugged into the mains. Does the same problem occur? Experiencing sudden shutdowns when you are using mains power will not be the battery but something else. If your laptop doesn’t shut down suddenly when using mains power, replace your battery.

Windows will provide warnings to you

Most modern versions of Microsoft Windows will have a warning signal to tell you that your laptop battery requires replacement. With Windows 10, there will be a red “X” covering your battery icon in the system tray. When you click on the icon, it will tell you that you need to consider the replacement of your laptop battery.

You will also receive a warning from Windows that there is a possibility your laptop could suddenly shut down. This is because your laptop battery cannot hold the required charge to provide the necessary power you need when you are not using mains power. These notifications appear in Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Your MacOS will warn you as well

If you have a Mac laptop, you will receive warnings that your battery is likely to need replacing as well. In the top menu of the MacOS you will find information about the status of your laptop battery.

The information that you get here includes an estimate in time of how much longer your battery can support the operation of your laptop. You will also see which applications are consuming the most power from your battery. There is also a “battery condition” notification.


The average life span of a laptop battery is between 1 and 2 years, but this is just a guide of course. It depends on how you use your laptop and how well you take care of the battery. There is a sensor in most laptop batteries that communicates estimated capacity.

You can usually trust your operating system to report on the health of your laptop battery accurately. Using a free battery capacity application such as Battery Info View is one way to check what your OS is telling you. Calibrating your battery is a good move as a laptop battery that is not calibrated properly may inaccurately report its health.



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