Asus k55vd I5 motherboard

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Brand Name:ASUS

Model Number: K55VD

Graphics Card Type: Integrated/Dedicated

Products Status: Stock,Used

Maximum Ram Capacity: 8 GB

Socket Type: PGA 989

Motherboard Ports: VGA,USB 3.0,Ethernet,Wifi

Package:Anti-static Package

Supported CPU Type: Intel

Expansion Slots: WIFI

Supported Memory Type: DDR3

Memory channel: Double

Chipset Manufacturer: Intel

Hard Drive Interface: SATA

Asus laptop motherboard Condition: Used

Motherboard application: Laptop




The ASUS K55VD I5 motherboard is a crucial component of the ASUS K55VD laptop model. It serves as the main circuit board that connects and controls various hardware components of the laptop. This motherboard is designed to support an Intel Core i5 processor and features slots for RAM modules, expansion slots for graphics cards or other add-on cards, as well as connectors for peripherals and internal storage devices.

If you are looking to replace the ASUS K55VD I5 motherboard, it is recommended to consult with a professional technician or the manufacturer's official service center. They will have the expertise and experience to ensure a proper replacement and minimize the risk of damage to the laptop.


Replacing a motherboard requires advanced technical skills and knowledge of laptop hardware. It typically involves disassembling the laptop, removing the existing motherboard, and installing the new one. Specialized tools and anti-static precautions may also be necessary to prevent static discharge that could damage sensitive components.

Please note that the specific steps may vary depending on the laptop model and manufacturer's instructions. It is crucial to handle the components with care and ensure all connections are properly seated to avoid any damage.

If you are not experienced in laptop repairs or unsure about the process, it is strongly recommended to seek professional assistance. They will have the necessary skills and tools to perform the replacement safely and efficiently.

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