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Compatible Devices            keyboard

Connectivity Technology     USB

Keyboard Description          Connect a PS/2 compatible USB Keyboard to a computer through a PS/2 port

Color                                        Black

Number of Keys                       46

Style                                         Keyboard

Item Dimensions                     2 x 0.8 x 0.4 inches

Included Components              StarTech



The Keyboard USB to PS2 Adapter Converter is a device that allows you to connect a USB keyboard to a computer or device that only has a PS/2 port. It enables you to use a USB keyboard with devices that support PS/2 input, providing a convenient solution for compatibility.

The adapter features a USB Type-A female connector on one end and a PS/2 male connector on the other end. To use the adapter, simply plug the USB keyboard into the USB Type-A connector of the adapter, and then connect the PS/2 male connector of the adapter to the PS/2 port of your computer or device.

Once connected, the adapter converts the USB keyboard signals into PS/2 signals, allowing your PS/2-compatible computer or device to recognize and use the USB keyboard as if it were a native PS/2 keyboard. This makes it a useful tool for situations where you want to connect a USB keyboard to a device that lacks a USB port but has a PS/2 port available.

It's important to note that the Keyboard USB to PS2 Adapter Converter is designed to work specifically with keyboards, not with other USB devices. Additionally, compatibility may vary depending on the specific USB keyboard and PS/2 device you are using. It's recommended to check the compatibility of the adapter with your specific devices before making a purchase.


When using the adapter, it's advisable to power off your computer or device before connecting or disconnecting the adapter. This helps ensure a proper connection and prevents any potential damage to the USB or PS/2 ports.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the usage or compatibility of the Keyboard USB to PS2 Adapter Converter, it's recommended to refer to the documentation provided with the adapter or reach out to the manufacturer or seller for further assistance.

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