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Lenovo 20 inch LCD TFT Monitor Ex-Uk

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Key specifications

External Ports : Six high speed USB connectors (two on front panel and Four on rear panel)

One Internal High Speed USB 2.0

One integrated VGA port

Ethernet connector

Two audio connectors (microphone in and audio out) on front panel

Three audio connectors (line in, audio out, and microphone in) on rear panel

Keyboard and Mouse Included + 19″ TFT.

Windows 10 Pro | Office Installed

Lenovo 20 inch LCD TFT Monitor EX-UK | Mtech

Technical specifications

The Lenovo 20-inch LCD TFT monitor is a display unit that provides a 20-inch screen size for your viewing needs. It features LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology, which offers crisp and clear visuals for a variety of tasks.

The monitor typically offers a TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) panel, which enhances the display quality by providing improved color reproduction, contrast, and brightness levels. This ensures that the visuals appear vibrant and lifelike.

Lenovo 20 inch LCD TFT Monitor Ex-Uk buy best price

With a 20-inch screen size, the monitor offers a comfortable viewing experience for everyday tasks such as web browsing, document editing, and multimedia consumption. While it may not provide the largest display size available, it can still offer ample screen real estate for most users' needs.

The monitor may include a standard aspect ratio, such as 16:9 or 16:10, which provides a widescreen viewing experience suitable for various multimedia content, including movies, videos, and games.

Connectivity options on the Lenovo 20-inch LCD TFT monitor typically include VGA (Video Graphics Array) or DVI (Digital Visual Interface) ports, allowing you to connect the monitor to your computer or other compatible devices. Some models may also include additional ports such as HDMI or DisplayPort for expanded connectivity options.

Lenovo 20 inch LCD TFT Monitor EX-UK | Mtech

The monitor may feature an adjustable stand that allows you to tilt the screen to achieve the desired viewing angle. This helps to reduce strain on your neck and provides a more comfortable viewing experience.

As an ex-UK unit, the monitor is likely a refurbished or used unit originally sold in the United Kingdom. It is important to ensure that the monitor is in good working condition and meets your specific requirements before making a purchase.

Overall, the Lenovo 20-inch LCD TFT monitor offers a compact and reliable display solution for various tasks. Its LCD technology, decent screen size, and connectivity options make it suitable for general computing needs.

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