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Key Specifications

Brand: Toshiba

Model: L655 Laptop Motherboard

Compatible Devices: Laptop

CPU Socket: Socket G1 (rPGA988A)

Chipset Type: Intel HM55

RAM Memory Technology: DDR3

Memory Slots Available: 2

Storage Interfaces: SATA 3Gb/s

Graphics Interface: Integrated Intel HD Graphics

Technical Specifications

The Toshiba L655 Laptop Motherboard is specifically designed for the Toshiba L655 laptop model. It serves as the main circuit board that houses essential components and provides connectivity options for various hardware components.

Featuring a Socket G1 (rPGA988A) CPU socket, the motherboard is compatible with processors that fit this socket, allowing for optimal performance and compatibility. The Intel HM55 chipset ensures reliable and efficient performance for your Toshiba L655 laptop.

The motherboard supports DDR3 RAM memory technology, providing faster data transfer rates and improved multitasking capabilities. With two memory slots available, you have the flexibility to upgrade the memory capacity as needed.

The storage interfaces on the motherboard are based on SATA 3Gb/s, allowing for decent data transfer speeds and compatibility with SATA hard drives or solid-state drives. This ensures efficient storage and retrieval of data, enhancing overall system performance.


Additionally, the motherboard features an integrated Intel HD Graphics interface. While not suitable for demanding graphics-intensive tasks, it provides satisfactory performance for everyday computing needs and multimedia usage.

In summary, the Toshiba L655 Laptop Motherboard offers compatibility, reliability, and performance for your Toshiba L655 laptop. With its CPU socket, chipset, memory support, storage interfaces, and integrated graphics interface, it serves as a crucial component for your laptop's functionality and performance.

Toshiba Satellite L655 HM55 DDR3 Graphics Intel Laptop Motherboard



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