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Size: 13.3-inch WideScreen (11.3″x7.1″)

Resolution: WXGA (1366×768) HD

Backlight type: LED

Video signal connector: 40 pin LED screen socket

Condition: New Grade A+


 The 13.3" slim small connector laptop screen refers to a compact-sized display panel designed for laptops or notebooks with a screen size of 13.3 inches. This type of screen is known for its slim profile and small connector design, which allows for a more compact and lightweight laptop form factor.

The slim small connector laptop screen is typically characterized by its thin bezels and sleek appearance, maximizing the display area while minimizing the overall size of the device. This type of screen is often used in ultrabooks, portable laptops, and slim-profile models where portability and aesthetics are important considerations.

The small connector on the screen is specifically designed to connect to the laptop's internal display cable, providing the necessary video signal and power transmission. It is important to ensure compatibility between the laptop's motherboard and the screen's connector type to ensure proper functionality.

The 13.3" screen size is popular for its balance between portability and screen real estate. It offers a compact form factor that is suitable for on-the-go use while providing enough screen space for productivity tasks, multimedia consumption, and general computing needs.

When considering a replacement or upgrade for a laptop screen, it is essential to verify the compatibility of the screen with the specific laptop model. This includes ensuring the correct screen size, resolution, aspect ratio, and connector type for seamless integration and optimal performance.

Overall, the 13.3" slim small connector laptop screen provides a compact and visually pleasing display solution for laptops, offering a balance between portability and screen size for users who value both mobility and productivity.

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