5V 1A Micro USB Wall Charger, Android Charger Cable, 1000mA AC to DC Power Adapter

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5V 1A Micro USB Wall Charger, Android Charger Cable, 5 Volt 1000mA AC to DC Power Adapter price in Kenya is ksh1,300.00 at LaptopClinic.co.ke Get it in 2 hours/ Same Day for Nairobi, Next Day Countrywide.


Connectivity Technology-      USB

Connector Type-         Barrel Connector, USB

Compatible Devices-  Cellular Phones

Compatible Phone Models-    Nokia,Nexus,Sony,Blackberry

Special Feature-          Lightweight,Travel

Colour-            5V1A-Black

Input Voltage- 240 Volts

Mounting Type-          Wall Mount



 A 5V 1A Micro USB wall charger is a power adapter designed to provide a 5-volt direct current (DC) output at a maximum current of 1 ampere (1A). It is commonly used to charge devices that have a Micro USB port, such as Android smartphones, tablets, and other compatible devices.

The charger comes with an Android charger cable that connects the charger to the device. The cable has a Micro USB connector on one end, which plugs into the device, and a standard USB Type-A connector on the other end, which plugs into the charger or a USB port on a computer or other power source.

This power adapter is suitable for providing a stable and reliable power supply to charge your Android devices. It converts the alternating current (AC) from a wall outlet into the required direct current (DC) needed by the device. The 5V output voltage is within the standard range for most USB-powered devices, ensuring compatibility.

It is important to note that when using a charger, it is recommended to use the cable provided or a certified cable that meets the necessary standards. This helps ensure proper power delivery and reduces the risk of damage to the device or the charger.

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines when using the charger and cable to ensure safe and efficient charging. It is also advisable to unplug the charger from the power source when not in use to save energy and minimize any potential risks.

Overall, a 5V 1A Micro USB wall charger with an Android charger cable provides a convenient and reliable charging solution for your compatible devices, allowing you to keep them powered up and ready for use.

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