Asus A41-A3 | A42-A3, |A7 Laptop Battery

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We have the largest variety of laptop batteries in Kenya.

Asus A41-A3 | A42-A3, |A7  Laptop Batteries price in Kenya is ksh2,500.00 at Get it in 2 hours/ Same Day for Nairobi, Next Day Countrywide.




Battery from the renowned manufacturer Green Cell - 100% compatible with Asus battery A42-A3 A42-A6


Compatible with the following laptops: Asus A3 A3A A6 A6J A6K A6M A6R A6RP A6U A7 A3000 A6000 G1 G2 Z91 Z92


Original Li-Ion cells from Green Cell guarantee a long life and durability



State-of-the-art technology and safety precautions ensure that this battery works just as reliably as the original



Capacity: 4400 mAh | Voltage: 14.8 V | Number of cells: 8 | Colour: Black




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