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ASUS Zenbook S 13 OLED (UX5304VA) Intel Core i7-1355U 16GB RAM 1TB SSD

Color: Basalt Grey
Sale priceKSh195,000.00


Key Specifications

13.3-inch, 2.8K (2880 x 1800) OLED PANTONE Validated, Glossy display

Intel Core i7-1355U Processor 1.7 GHz (12MB Cache, up to 5.0 GHz, 10 cores, 12 Threads)

16GB LPDDR5 on board RAM

1TB M.2 NVMe PCIe 4.0 Performance SSD

Intel Iris Xe Integrated Graphics

Wi-Fi 6E(802.11ax) (Dual band) 2*2 + Bluetooth® 5.3 Wireless Card.

Windows 11 Home - ASUS recommends Windows 11 Pro for business.

TYPE-C, 65W AC Adapter

1-month trial for new Microsoft 365 customers


ASUS Zenbook S 13 OLED

World’s Slimmest OLED Ultraportable Laptop1

Lighten up your life with the ultra-thin and super-light Zenbook S 13 OLED! This 1 cm-thin, 1 kg-light marvel uses efficient 13th Gen Intel Core Processors, and the amazing 13.3-inch 16:10 2.8K OLED HDR NanoEdge display delivers brilliant visuals. ASUS is completely committed to purposeful innovation that supports a healthier planet, so we've also made Zenbook S 13 OLED the most eco-friendly Zenbook ever, in line with our core values. More care, less impact!


More Color, Less Rules

The stunning 2.8K OLED HDR NanoEdge display on Zenbook S 13 OLED keeps every incredible moment detailed and ultra-vivid.


Immerse in your favorite entertainment

Enjoy your favorite entertainment with breathtakingly realistic sounds that move around you. Zenbook S 13 OLED has a Dolby Atmos stereo sound system that’s also Harman Kardon certified, with a Smart Amplifier that can boosts the volume up to 3.5x louder than a standard amplifier.

Always in the best listening spot

Dive into a multi-dimensional cinematic sound experience with Dolby Atmos.

Louder sounds!

Combining Smart Amplifier and ASUS Audio Booster technology, the audio volume is boosted by up to 5.25x for a powerful audio experience.

Dynamic sound experience

The distortion-suppressing dual-channel Smart Amplifier is equipped with a powerful DSP chip that can prevent long-term damage to the sensitive speaker voice coils. Creating or listening to audio in your videos, movies, music or games has never sounded better!


The Smart Amplifier’s output is intelligently matched to the speaker’s physical capabilities, fine-tuning the system across the entire spectrum to ensure distortion-free audio at any volume level.

More clarity

The Smart Amplifier helps to deliver clearer audio by boosting volume across the entire audio spectrum, not just at certain frequencies.

Maximum possible volume

Using a Smart Amplifier and ASUS Audio Booster technology, the audio volume is boosted by up to 5.25x.


More Connectivity, Less Hassle

Although Zenbook S 13 OLED is unbelievably compact, it packs in all the connections you need. The two ultrafast Thunderbolt™ 4 USB-C® ports support fast charging, 4K external displays, and up to 40 Gbps11 data transfers.


From dawn to dusk

There’s no need to panic if power outlets are in short supply: Zenbook S 13 OLED’s long-lasting 63 Wh battery can keep you productive for longer. And when it’s time to charge, there’s no need to stop — with fast charging you can quickly top it up.

Battery capacity


Up to

14 hours

battery life

49 mins fast-charge to 70%.


AI camera and audio system

Take back control of your meetings with our innovative camera system and ASUS AI noise-canceling audio technology, with new algorithms to make your conference calls even more productive.

ASUS AiSense camera effects, always look great in video calls

For your best video call experience, ASUS AiSense camera makes sure that you always look your best during virtual conferences.

Background Blur

Blurs the background to protect your privacy while doing video conference call at home.

Lighting Correction

Detects the lighting conditions and dynamically adjusts the webcam settings for the best result.

Gaze Correction

Automatically detects your eye movements and adjusts your gaze so you appear to be looking directly at the camera.

Motion Tracking

Automatically detects and follows your motion for a better webcam experience while you are moving around.

Appearance Filter

Brings out your best looks, just like applying natural makeup for your conference calls.


ASUS 3D Noise Reduction (3DNR) Technology significantly upgrades the webcam image clarity for clearer conference calls.

Next-level AI noise-canceling audio technology

To provide exceptional remote-working and video-conferencing experiences, features ASUS AI Noise-Canceling Technology that employs machine learning in order to isolate unwanted noise from human speech. This technology helps to filter out ambient noise for optimum group conference-call quality. The ASUS AI Noise-Canceling Microphone feature in the MyASUS app can filter out ambient noise — so you’ll hear what everyone else is saying.

Conference calls with more possibilities

Conference calls can be single-presenter or multi-presenter, gathered around a single laptop with voices coming from various directions. With the upgraded system enabled via the MyASUS app, it detects and optimizes audio from either one direction or from all directions — ensuring top conference call audio quality.

Single presenter conference call

Single-presenter conference call mode can filter out noise and other voices, and ensures only the voice in front of laptop can be heard. When you switch on the Target Speaker Tracking mode it can even target and track new talkers within a 180° arc, making the feature ideal for recording large groups as well as for individuals.

Multi-presenter conference call

Multi-presenter conference call mode filters out ambient noise whilst identifying multiple voices from all directions and distances, so all voices can be heard more clearly.


Designed for you

We go the extra mile to give you a more effortless and joyful experience, at work or play.

ASUS ErgoSense touchpad, smooth as new, with every touch

The latest ASUS ErgoSense touchpad is engineered to enable an unrivaled input experience that’s in harmony with how you move, feel and scroll.

Ultra-smooth touchpad

The hydrophobic coating applied to the ErgoSense touchpad has a high water-contact angle. This means the nanotech-like surface provides smoother feedback for every scrolling movement. It’s like touching silk!

Anti-fingerprint touchpad

We apply a high-end PVD anti-fingerprint coating that ensures excellent resistance to wear and tear. This coating also makes the surface really easy to clean. And even after more than 10,000 slides, the touchpad will still be as smooth as new.

Enhanced click depth

To further enhance your efficiency and creativity, the ErgoSense touchpad of Zenbook S 13 OLED is 9.5% bigger than the previous generation. It also has a longer 0.23 mm click depth that’s optimal for a great feel with natural feedback. It also helps to dramatically cut down on unintended activations.

Multitouch gestures

The ErgoSense touchpad supports multitouch gestures in Windows, so you can use three- or four-finger shortcuts to launch frequently-used applications or functions.

Three-finger gestures: Switch between apps

Show all open windows

Swipe up with three fingers on the touchpad

Show the desktop

Swipe down with three fingers on the touchpad

Switch between open apps or windows

Swipe left or right with three fingers on the touchpad

Four-finger gestures: Switch between desktops

Swipe left or right with four fingers on the screen

Perfect brightness and color tone, anywhere

Whether you’re in bright sunshine or a dim room, auto-brightness works behind the scenes to show your images at their best — providing more comfort for your eyes and maximizing battery life. There’s also a color sensor that detects ambient light levels and automatically adjusts the brightness and color temperature of the screen to provide the best-looking image for your surroundings.

Easy sharing

Enjoy easy sharing in any discussion with the 180° lay-flat hinge design. No more awkward gymnastics with your device!

Unlock, instantly

The FHD infrared (IR) camera allows you to unlock your laptop quickly and securely.


World’s most strictly tested US military-grade laptop durability14

ASUS laptops15 are engineered with extraordinary toughness meet the exacting US MIL-STD-810H military-grade standard, undergoing 12 rigorous test methods and 26 punishing test procedures — exceeding industry standards. The upshot is a range of products that are renowned for reliability and durability. These factors also inherently benefit longevity and thus sustainability, so you can work, travel or relax with the confidence that your ASUS laptop is ready for the real world — today, and long into the future.


Shock Test

  1. Functional shock

Operational, Unpackage, 40 g, 11 ms, 18 shocks

  1. Transportation shock – on road

Non-operational, Package, 5.1-7.6 g, 11 ms, 3-42 shocks

  1. Fragility

Non-operational, Unpackage, 30-50 g, 18 shocks

  1. Crash hazard shock

Non-operational, Unpackage, 75 g, 6 ms, 12 shocks

  1. Bench handling

Operational, Unpackage, 100 mm


Vibration Test

  1. Two-wheeled trailer


Non-operational vibration: 5-500 Hz

Duration: 32 minutes

  1. Wheeled vehicle


Non-operational vibration:5-500 Hz

Duration: 40 minutes

  1. Common carrier


Operational vibration: 5-500 Hz

Duration: 60 minutes


High Temperature Test

  1. Basic hot storage and transit

Non-operational, 30~63°C, 168 hours, 5~44% humidity

  1. Basic hot operational

Operational, 30~43°C, 72 hours, 14~44% humidity

  1. Hot dry storage and transit

Non-operational, 33~71°C, 168 hours

  1. Hot dry operational

Operational, 32~49°C, 72 hours

Low Temperature Test

  1. Basic climatic storage and transit

Non-operational, -25~-33°C, 168 hours

  1. Basic climatic operational

Operational, -21~-32°C, 72 hours

  1. Cold climatic storage and transit

Non-operational, -37~-46°C, 168 hours

  1. Cold climatic operational

Operational, -37~-46°C, 72 hours


Sand and Dust Test

  1. Blowing dust


Particle density: 10 +/- 7 g/m3

Air velocity: 300~1750 ft/min

Temperature: 60°C

  1. Blowing sand


Particle density: 1.2 g/m3

Air velocity: 28 m/s

Temperature: 60°C


Altitude Test

  1. Altitude storage

Non-operational, 40,000 feet, -20°C, 12 hours

  1. Altitude operation

Operational, 15,000 feet, 5°C/40°C, 12 hours


Freeze and Thaw Test

  1. Freeze and thaw test

Humidity: 95% RH

Temperature: 30°C/-10°C

Duration: 1 hour, 3 cycles


Humidity Test

  1. Humidity test


Humidity: 95% RH

Duration: 10 days


Temperature Shock Test

  1. Temperature shock


Temperature: -51~71°C

Duration: 1 hour, 3 cycles


Solar Radiation Test

  1. Solar radiation


Spectral irradiance: 1120 W/m2, 49°C

Duration: 24 hours, 3 cycles


Mechanical Vibration Test

  1. Mechanical vibration


Frequency: 4-33 Hz

Duration: 2 hours


Explosive Atmosphere Test

  1. Explosive atmosphere


Altitude: 15,000~3300 feet

Explosive air: 95% n-Hexane


Truly personalized workflow

MyASUS hosts a collection of handy ASUS apps and tools that help you get more out of your laptop. GlideX is a powerful cross-device screen-sharing solution. ScreenXpert helps you to manage app windows across displays connected to your ASUS PC, giving you full control of your workflow!


MyASUS provides easy access to ASUS apps that are designed to help you maintain your system, update your software, optimize your PC’s performance, and contact ASUS for after-sales support.


GlideX is a cross-device screen-sharing solution, with Mirror and Extend features that give you a bigger and better space for work and play. The Unify Control feature lets you use a single mouse and keyboard set to control different devices from one PC, across different OSes, so you don't need to switch between devices. GlideX optimizes your workflow in the blink of an eye!

ScreenXpert for ASUS PCs

ScreenXpert for ASUS PCs — which you can download from Microsoft Store or find in your PC’s Start menu — helps you to manage app windows across displays connected to your ASUS PC and puts you in full control of your workflow!

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