Battery for ASUS A32-K93

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We have the largest variety of Battery for ASUS A32-K93 in Kenya Battery for ASUS A32-K93 price in Kenya is ksh 2500 at Get it in 2 hours/ Same Day for Nairobi, Next Day Countrywide

Feng Wings 5200 mAh A32-K93 Battery Compatible with Asus A32-K93 07G016J11875M k931823 for ASUS K93 X93 A93S A95V K95V 6 Cell Cells

Product description

Product specifications:

Product model: A32-K93

Volts: 10.8V

Capacity: 5200 mAh.

Product size: 26.9 x 5.2 x 2 cm.

Product weight: 300g

Warranty: 12 months

 Package contents:

1 x FengWings A32-K93 battery.

Compatible battery:

A32-K93 07G016J11875M K931823.

Suitable for models:

ASUS A93S A93SM A93SM YZ023V A93SM YZ026V A93SM YZ095V A93SV A93SV YZ128V A93SV YZ142V A93SV YZ187V A93SV YZ222V A93SV YZ223V Series

ASUS K93S K93SM K93SM YZ017D K93SM YZ019V K93SM YZ036V K93SM YZ061V K93SM YZ072 K93SM YZ081V K93SM YZ085V K93SM YZ099 K93SM YZ115V K93SV YZ061V K93SM YZ072 K93SM YZ081V K93SM YZ085V K93SM YZ099 K93SM YZ115V K93SV K93ZV Y93V5V K93ZV K12V93D Y93Z115. V ASUS X9 3SM X93SM YZ018V X93SM YZ055V X93SM YZ057V X93SM YZ064V X93SM YZ065V X93SM YZ087V X93SM YZ092V X93SM YZ094V X93SM YZ12121V X9. 3SM YZ1. 29V X93SV X93SV YZ112V X93SV YZ132V X93SV YZ145V X93SV YZ147V X93SV YZ154V X93SV YZ182V X93SV YZ183V X93SV YZ220V YZ2220V YZ20V 21V BE XXM93SV YZ224V X93SV YZ227V X93SV YZ228V X93SV YZ235V X93SV YZ260V Series

ASUS A95xx Series.

ASUS K95xx Series.


ASUS R900xx Series.

 About FengWings:

We have our own factory and have been producing batteries since 2003. We have many years of experience in battery production and customer service.

"FengWings" Our offer is a high-quality battery, ideal as a replacement battery for your old or defective laptop battery or

Power Tool Using and charging your battery works as usual without any problems via your standard power supply / charger. Each battery and cell has been manufactured and very rigorously tested before being sent to our customers.

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