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BPO2XL Battery

Sale priceKSh3,500.00


We have the largest variety of Batteries in Kenya

BPO2XL BATTERY price in Kenya is ksh3,500.00 at Get it in 2 hours/ Same Day for Nairobi, Next Day Countrywide



Number of Batteries 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Brand  Tevelmick

Battery Cell Composition     Lithium Ion

Recommended Uses For Product   Laptop

Voltage           7.7 Volts

POWER SPECS: Model: BPO2XL BP02XL 849909-850, Battery type: Li-ion, Capacity: 41Wh 5320mAh, Voltage: 7.7V, Cells: 2-A+cell, 100% brand new. Black with two Free Screwdrivers. We have concentrated on the laptop batteries production for more than twenty years. You can use our BPO2XL BP02XL 849909-850 battery for HP Pavilion safely.

COMPATIBLE PART NUMBERS: BP02XL BPO2XL BP02041XL 849909-850 849569-421 849569-541 849569-542 849569-543 HSTNN-UB7B HSTNN-LB7H TPN-Q172 TPN-Q175 2ICP7/65/80, HP Pavilion 15-AW000 15T-AW000 15-AW053NR 15-AW026UR 15-AW027NA 15-AW068NR 15-AW070CA 15-AW070NO 15-AW071NB 15-AW072NB 15-AW073NO 15-AW077NR 15-AW078NR 15-AW083NA 15-AW083SA 15-AW084NA 15-AW084SA 15-AW094NR 15-AW095NB 15-AW097NIA 15-AW099NIA 15-AW167CL 15-aw200cy 15z-aw000 15-AU106NG 15-AU107NG 15-AU108NG 15-AU109NG 15-AU111NG 15-AU113NG.

COMPATIBLE MODELS: HP Pavilion PC 15 15-AU 15T-AU 15-AW 15T-AW 15Z-AW series, 15-AU000 15T-AU00 15-AW000 15T-AW000 15Z-AW000 series, 5-AU000 15-AU004NG 15-AU010NG 15-AU010WM 15-AU011NG 15-AU013NG 15-AU014NG 15- AU018WM 15-AU020WM 15-AU022TX 15-AU023CL 15-AU025NG 15-AU028CA 15-AU030NR 15-AU030WM 15-AU034TX 15-AU035TX 15-AU037TX 15-AU038TX 15-AU040TX 15-AU041TX 15-AU046NG 15-AU050TX 15-AU057CL 15-AU063CL 15-AU063NR 15-AU072SA 15-AU076SA 15- AU077SA 15-AU078SA 15-AU086NIA 15-AU087NIA 15-AU090TX .

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