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We have the largest variety of adapters in Kenya

HP 18.5V 4.9A LAPTOP ADAPTER price in Kenya is ksh1,800.00 at LaptopClinic.co.ke Get it in 2 hours/ Same Day for Nairobi, Next Day Countrywide





 4.8mm/1.7mm Tip

AC / DC Adapter for HIPRO HP-OL090B13 HP-OL093B13P HP-OL091B13 HP Compaq N136 N18325 PA-1900-05C1 PPP012L 285546-001 432309-001 Laptop Notebook PC Power Supply Cord Cable Battery Charger Mains PSU  Fits DV6780SE dv9023us DV6885SE DV6885CA DV6936US DV6108NR DV6108TX DV6108us DV9420US DV9410US DV9428CA DV9420CA dv9424us DV9438CA DV6663CA DV9443CA DV9635CA

Fits HP DV9428NR DV9429US DV9408NR DV9418CA DV9351EA DV9309EA DV9374EA DV9443 DV9410CA DV9410 DV9410CA DV9438 DV9408 DV9305TX DV9306TX DV9307TX DV9394 DV9330CA DV9320EA DV9324EA DV9332EU DV9337EU DV9338EU dv9575EM dv9575EN DV9317CL DV9361EA DV9362EA DV9377EA DV9378EA DV9379EA DV9375eu DV9309EU DV9309TX DV9301TX DV9392EA DV9393EA DV9335NR DV9380CA DV9334US DV9330US DV9331EU DV9332EA DV9317EA DV9318CA DV9318EA DV9343CA DV9343EU DV9344EA DV9320US DV9061EA DV9062EA DV9064EA DV9060EA DV9050EA DV9010

Fits HP DV9010EA DV9020XX DV9825NR DV9827CL DV9005US DV9320CA DV9347CL DV9008EA DV9008NR DV9006EA dv9066ea DV9006TX DV9030US DV9009CA DV9069EA dv9810us DV9817CL dv9730ca dv9700CT dv9728ca DV6988CA DV6870US DV6642CA DV6643CL DV9012EA DV6755CA DV6875CA DV2990ca DV8261EA dv6045nr DV9005CA dv9004xx DV9003EA DV6103EA DV6103NR DV6103EU dv6103tx dv6127EA DV6001EA DV6120US DV6567CL DV6095EA DV6097EA DV6088EA dv6815ed DV6275US HP V6714TU DV6651ET DV6651XX DV6652EG DV6719TX DV6720EB DV6720EC DV6575US

Fits HP V6901TU DV8290EA DV9770EG DV9770EL V3521TU DV9770EO DV9096XX 394224-001 dv6985se V3514TU PPP012HA DV6102OD DV6700 FE811UA#ABA DV9001 DV9000t DV9000z DV6102EU DV9095XX DV9075LA DV9500Z DV9908CA DV9085 DV8000T DV9950es DV9907CA dv2221us dv8212ea DV6149US DV6150 DV6375 dv8310ca dv8310ea dv8310tx dv6115ca dv6120ca dv8213cl dv8212tx DV6000t DV6000z DV6968CA DV6976CA DV6227OM DV6338SE DV6220US V3035TU DV6365 V3036AU V3036TU dv4368ea dv4376ea dv4378ea dv8394ea dv8395ea dv8396ea dv9730us



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