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We have the largest variety of Laptop Adapters in Kenya

HP 19.5V 4.62A BLUE PIN LAPTOP ADAPTER price in Kenya is ksh 2000 at LaptopClinic.co.ke Get it in 2 hours/ Same Day for Nairobi, Next Day Countrywide

Product Description

Compatible with HP Touchsmart 15 15-J000 15-J001AX 15-J001TU 15-J002AX 15-J003AX 15-J003CL 15-J003XX 15-J006CL 15-J007CL 15-J009WM 15-J010US 15-J011DX 15-J011NR 15-J013CL 15-J017CL 15-J020US 15-J023CL 15-J030US 15-J040US 15-J050US 15-J052NR 15-J053CL 15-J053XX 15-J057CL 15-J152TX 15-J175NR 15-J181NR 15-J185NR 15T-J100 15Z-J000 17-J000 17-J011NR 17-J013CL 17-J017CL 17-J020US 17-J023CL 17-J030US 17-J037CL 17-J043CL 17-J044CA 17-J057CL 17-J100 17T-J100 M7-J003XX M7-J010DX

About this item

Output: 19.5V 4.62A 90W. Connector Tip 4.5*3.0mm Blue Connector power supply adaptor. UL Safety Tested. This AC Adapter has a US cable plug and is compatible with laptop notebook models: HP Pavilion 17 15-E 17-E 14-E 15-AK Series TouchSmart Sleek book M6-K M7-J 17-J M6 M7 709986-004 709986-002 753560-001 710413-001 PPP012D-S

Part Number 710414001 54056-002 709986-001 709986-002 709986-003 709986-003 709986-004 709986-01 709986-01 709987-003 710413-001 710413-001 710413-001709986-003 710414-001 710414-001 714159-001 753560-001 753560-003 854056-002 937520-002 937532-850 A090A098P ADP-90WH ADP-90WH D ADP-90WHD D H6Y88AA H6Y88AA H6Y89AA H6Y89AA H6Y90AA H6Y90AA HSTNN-CA13 HSTNN-DA13 HSTNN-LA13 PA-1900-32HE PA-1900-32HE PPP009C PPP009C PPP012D-E PPP012D-S PPP012D-S PPP012L-E TPN-CA09

HP Elitebook 745 G3 755 G3 820 G3 840 G3 850 G3 Envy 15 14-U002TX 14-U003TX 14-U004TX 14-U005TX 14-U006TX 14-U012TX 15-BP 15-J049TX 15-J151TX 15-K104TX NOTEBOOK PC 15-K105TX 15-K106TX 15-K107TX 15-K114TX 17-J QUAD 15T-J000 Folio 1020 G1 1040 G1 1040 G2 HP 242 G1 242 G2 Notebook PC 15-AN051DX 15-D035DX 15-D037DX 15-D038DX 15-D053CL 15-D069WM 15-D079WM 15-E020US 15-E026TX 15-E037CL 15-E043CL 15-F004DX 15-F009WM 15-F010DX 15-F111DX 15-G020DX 15-R011DX 15-R132WM

Pavilion 14-BF 15-CC 15-N Sleekbook 15 17 M6 M6-AE151DX M6-K000 M6-K001XX M6-K010DX M6-K012DX M6-K015DX M6-K125DX M6-N010DX M6-N012DX M6-N015DX M6-N113DX M6-W011DX M6-W102DX M7 M7-J000 M7-J010DX M7-J020DX M7-J120DX M7-K010DX M7-K111DX M7-K211DX M7-N011DX M7-N101DX M7-N109DX Spectre X360 15-DF0000 15-DF0000NO 5EQ40EA 15-DF0106NG 5KT56EA 15-DF0900NZ 5EN36EA 15-DF0008CA 5FP19UA 15-DF0006NA 5GZ37EA 15-DF0709NZ 5GS79EA 15-DF0104NG 15-DF0001NF

4XC70EA 15-DF0126NG 5KR55EA 15-DF0013DX 4WW36UA 15-DF0010NF 5ER02EA 15-DF0797NZ 5EU88EA 15-DF0108NG 15-DF0002NF 4XC69EA 15-DF0304NG 5KS48EA





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