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We have the largest variety of Laptop HDMI Cables in Kenya

price in Kenya is Ksh 4,500.00  at Get it in 2 hours/ Same Day for Nairobi, Next Day Countrywide.

Key specifications

  • 500 recharge cycles
  • 1 Month Warranty

About this item

Does your laptop battery read "plugged in not charging?" or simply is your laptop battery not charging? 

More often than not this could be because you need a new battery for your laptop. Most Laptop batteries have a lifespan of between 2-3 years but at times even longer depending on usage and your charging cycle. 

Have you noticed that all of a sudden the number of hours in between your laptop battery charges has become shorter and shorter?

  1. Charge your laptop battery fully( till 100%), preferably as you use it
  2. Disconnect your laptop from the power adapter
  3. Continue using your laptop until the battery reaches 10-15%
  4. Re-connect the laptop charger and charge fully once again as you continue using the laptop
  5. If you prefer to get a full charge while your laptop is off then please ensure that you monitor your laptop closely. However this may prove to be a bit challenging.

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