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We have the largest variety of Laptop Keyboards in Kenya.

HP  DM 1  LAPTOP KEYBOARDS price in Kenya is ksh 2,000.00 at Get it in 2 hours/ Same Day for Nairobi, Next Day Countrywide.

Key Specifications

  • Version: US Layout
  • Unit: PCS
  • Type: Laptop Keyboard
  • Availability: In Stock

Product Description

  • Each keyboard is tested before shipping and are 100% working
  • Replace your faulty, cracked or broken keyboard
  • Color: Black Keys Black Frame
  • Genuine Quality Product
  • Tested Before Shipping
  • Compatible For Specific Models
  • Picture is For Reference Only


Laptop Keyboard For HP DM1-3000 3105M With Black Frame Black Nordic NE SG-45100-79A 626389-DH1 635318-DH1 608583-DH1

Compatible models:DM1-3000 DM1-3000AU DM1-3001AU DM1-3002AU DM1-3003AU DM1-3004AU DM1-3005AU DM1-3005XX DM1-3006AU DM1-3007AU DM1-3008AU DM1-3009AU DM1-3010AU DM1-3011AU DM1-3012AU DM1-3013AU DM1-3014AU DM1-3015AU DM1-3016AU DM1-3017AU DM1-3018AU DM1-3019AU DM1-3020AU DM1-3020US DM1-3021AU DM1-3022AU DM1-3023AU DM1-3023NR DM1-3025DX DM1-3040CA DM1-3060LA DM1-3070LA DM1-3080LA DM1-3081LA DM1-3090LA DM1-3170LA DM1-3200AU DM1-3201AU DM1-3202AU DM1-3203AU DM1-3204AU DM1-3205AU DM1-3206AU DM1-3207AU DM1-3208AU DM1-3209AU DM1-3210AU DM1-3211AU DM1-3212AU DM1-3213AU DM1-3214AU DM1-3215AU DM1-3216AU DM1-3217AU DM1-3218AU DM1-3219AU DM1-3250BR DM1-3251BR DM1-3255BR DM1-3260BR DM1-3260LA DM1-3265LAL DM1-3270BR DM1-3270LA DM1-3290LAL DM1Z-3000 DM1-3210US DM1-3214NR DM1-3240CA DM1-3245CA DM1-3248CA DM1Z-3200 DM1-30


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