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Hp NC2400 NC2410 2540P Laptop Battery-Nairobi kenya

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We have the largest variety of laptop batteries in Kenya.

Hp NC2400 NC2410 2540P Laptop Battery-Nairobi kenya price in Kenya is ksh3,500.00 at Get it in 2 hours/ Same Day for Nairobi, Next Day Countrywide.


Battery Type: Li-ion

Compatible brand: hp

Battery Capacity:       5200 mAh     

Number of Cells:       6

Battery Type: Li-Ion 

Capacity:        5200 mAh

Voltage:          10.8V/11.1V


Number of Battery Cells:     6



The HP NC2400, NC2410, and 2540P laptop battery is a reliable and high-quality power solution specifically designed for these HP laptop models. If you're experiencing issues with your current battery or need a spare one, this replacement battery is an excellent choice.

With its advanced technology and long-lasting performance, the HP NC2400, NC2410, and 2540P laptop battery ensures uninterrupted power supply, allowing you to work, study, or enjoy entertainment without worrying about running out of battery. Its precise fit and easy installation process ensure a seamless and secure power connection.

The HP NC2400, NC2410, and 2540P laptop battery offers an extended battery life, providing you with the power you need to stay productive and engaged for longer periods. Whether you're working on important projects, streaming media, or browsing the web, this battery will keep you going.

Safety is a priority with the HP NC2400, NC2410, and 2540P laptop battery, as it incorporates protective features to guard against overcharging, overheating, and short-circuiting. This ensures the safety of both you and your laptop, providing peace of mind during use.

Furthermore, the HP NC2400, NC2410, and 2540P laptop battery meets international regulations for battery disposal and is designed with eco-friendly materials, reducing its environmental impact.

Upgrade your HP NC2400, NC2410, or 2540P laptop with the reliable and efficient HP laptop battery, and experience enhanced productivity and mobility without worrying about power limitations.

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HP Laptop Battery NC2400 Replace the Following Part Number:


HP Laptop Battery Notebook NC2400 Fit with Following Models:

Business Notebook 2400,Business Notebook 2510p,Business Notebook nc2400



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