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Lenovo G450, G530, N500, IdeaPad G430 ,V460, B460, Z360 Replacement Laptop Nairobi Kenya

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We have the largest variety of Lenovo G450 Battery in Kenya

The Lenovo G450 Battery price in Kenya is ksh 3500 at Get it in 2 hours/ Same Day for Nairobi, Next Day Countrywide

Lenovo G450 Battery is compatible with the Lenovo laptop. This brand replacement battery is 100 percent comparable to original battery in all terms including its size, appearance and most important quality.

The Lenovo G450 Battery is the perfect replacement battery for your laptop for providing you with excellent power backup on the move.

It is a 6-Cell Lithium Ion Battery with a Voltage of 11.1V and a capacity of 4400mAh. Lenovo batteries ensure reliable safe power for your Lenovo laptops.

Lenovo G450 Battery Replace the Following Part Number:

51J0226/ 57Y6266/ 57Y6527/ 57Y6528

ASM 42T4586/ ASM 42T4728

FRU 42T4585/ FRU 42T4727

L06L6Y02/ L08L6C02/ L08L6Y02/L08O6C02/ L08S6C02/ L08S6D02

Lenovo G450 Battery Fit with Following Models:

3000 G430/ 3000 G430A/ 3000 G430L/ 3000 G430LE/ 3000 G430M/ 3000 G450/ 3000 G450A/ 3000 G450M/

3000 G530/3000 G530A/3000 G530M/3000 N500/3000 G430 4152/ 3000 G430 4153/3000 G430 Series/3000 G450 2949/3000 G450 Series/3000 G530 4151/3000 G530 444-23U/ 3000 G530 DC T3400/3000 G530 Series/3000 N500 4233-52U/ 3000 N500 Series

G430/G450/G530/G550/ G550 – 2958LEU/G550 – 2958LFU/

IdeaPad B460/IdeaPad G430/ IdeaPad V460/ IdeaPad Z360/ IdeaPad G430 20003/IdeaPad G430 Series/IdeaPad V460A-IFI(A)/ IdeaPad V460A-IFI(H)/IdeaPad V460A-IFI(T)/IdeaPad V460A-ISE/IdeaPad V460A-ITH/IdeaPad V460A-ITH(A)/IdeaPad V460A-ITH(T)/ IdeaPad V460A-PSI(H)/IdeaPad Z360 – 091232U/IdeaPad Z360 – 091233U/ IdeaPad Z360A-ITH/IdeaPad Z360A-PSI

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