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Lenovo IdeaPad S400 AB Cover

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Manufacturer            ‎YUHUAI

Manufacturer reference       ‎LENOVO S400_COVER01


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The Lenovo IdeaPad S400 AB Cover is a replacement part specifically designed for the Lenovo IdeaPad S400 laptop model. It is an upper case palmrest cover that provides protection and support for the keyboard and palmrest area of the laptop.

To replace the AB cover on your Lenovo IdeaPad S400, follow these steps:

Ensure that your laptop is turned off and unplugged from any power source.

Use a small Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws securing the existing AB cover. These screws are typically located on the bottom of the laptop.

Carefully lift and remove the old AB cover from the laptop, taking note of any cables or connectors that may be attached.

Disconnect any cables or connectors from the old AB cover and set it aside.

Take the new AB cover and align it with the screw holes on the laptop.

Gently press down on the new AB cover to secure it in place.

Reinsert and tighten the screws to secure the new AB cover to the laptop.

Double-check that all cables and connectors are properly reconnected.

Power on the laptop and ensure that the new AB cover is functioning correctly.

It is important to use the correct replacement part for your specific laptop model to ensure compatibility and a proper fit. If you are unsure about the replacement process, it is recommended to consult the manufacturer's instructions or seek assistance from a professional technician.


Please exercise caution while performing any laptop repairs or replacements to avoid any damage to the laptop or injury to yourself.

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