Lenovo T530 | T530-6 Laptop Battery

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Lenovo T530 | T530-6  Laptop Battery price in Kenya is ksh3,500.00 at LaptopClinic.co.ke Get it in 2 hours/ Same Day for Nairobi, Next Day Countrywide.


Battery type: Li-ion

Xtend brand

11.1 Volts - also compatible with 10.8 Volt systems


6 Cell Li-ion

Samsung (South Korea)

Dark Grey

Assembled in China

2 Year Warranty

30 day full satisfaction guarantee

300-500 recharge cycles

Battery part number :

Lenovo: 0A36302, 0A36303, 0A363O2, 0A363O3, 42T4757, 45N1000, 45N1001, 45N1007, 45N1011, 45N1O11, 45N1OO1, 45N1OO7, 45N1OOO, OA36302, OA36303, OA363O2, OA363O3



Compatibility: The replacement battery should be specifically designed to be compatible with the Lenovo T530 or T530-6 laptop model. It should have the same voltage and capacity as the original battery to ensure proper functioning.

Quality: It is important to choose a high-quality replacement battery from a reputable source or authorized reseller. This ensures that the battery meets the necessary standards and will provide reliable performance and long-lasting power for your laptop.

Capacity: When selecting a replacement battery, you may want to consider the capacity (measured in milliamp-hours, mAh) of the battery. Higher capacity batteries generally provide longer battery life, but they may also be slightly bulkier and may protrude slightly from the laptop's body.

Installation: The replacement battery can typically be installed by removing the old battery and inserting the new one in its place. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer's instructions or refer to the laptop's user manual for the proper installation steps. If you're not familiar with laptop hardware installation, it may be best to seek professional assistance to ensure a successful replacement.               

When searching for a replacement battery, it is advisable to check with official Lenovo support channels, authorized resellers, or contact Lenovo customer support for accurate and up-to-date information about the availability and compatibility of replacement batteries for your specific Lenovo T530 or T530-6 model.


Please note that the availability and specific details of replacement batteries may vary depending on the region and the exact model of your Lenovo T530 laptop. It's important to ensure that the replacement battery is compatible with your specific model to avoid any compatibility issues.

I hope this information helps you in finding a suitable replacement battery for your Lenovo T530 or T530-6 laptop.

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