New 11.6 LED/LCD HD 40pins Laptop screen

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Brand: Array

Size: 11.6

Dimension: 10.65 x 6.65

Resolution: WXGA HD

Pixels: 1366 x 768

Type: LED

Backlight Lamp: DIODE

Pin Conncetion: 40 Pins

Side: Bottom Right

Finish: Matte/Glossy write in checkout note. Avoid RMA Fees.

Condition: NEW

Commodity: Non Touch Screen

Technology: Non Touch

Category: Non Touch Screen

Dead Pixel Policy: In Accordance with ISO 13406-2 norm.

Source: Factory Direct

Packaging: Fragile Customized Package

Compatibility: 100% OEM Compatible



The New 11.6 LED/LCD HD 40pins Laptop screen refers to a display panel designed for laptops or notebooks with an 11.6-inch screen size. It features LED backlighting technology, which provides energy efficiency and produces bright and vibrant visuals.

The HD resolution of the screen ensures a sharp and clear display, allowing users to enjoy high-quality visuals and text. With 40 pins, the screen is compatible with specific laptop models that use a 40-pin connector to connect the screen to the motherboard.

The 11.6-inch size is often preferred by users who value portability and compactness, making it suitable for students, frequent travelers, or individuals who require a smaller form factor for their computing needs. The screen's size strikes a balance between mobility and usability, offering enough screen real estate for productivity tasks and multimedia consumption.


When considering the New 11.6 LED/LCD HD 40pins Laptop screen for your device, it is crucial to ensure compatibility with your specific laptop model. Checking the connector type, resolution, and other specifications of your original screen can help ensure a proper fit and function.

It is recommended to consult the laptop manufacturer or authorized service centers to obtain the correct replacement screen and receive professional assistance during the installation process if needed

Overall, the New 11.6 LED/LCD HD 40pins Laptop screen provides a compact and visually pleasing display solution for laptops, offering HD resolution and LED backlighting for an enjoyable viewing experience.

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