New Compatible for HP Pavilion 15-CD 15-CD040WM 15-CD073TX 15-CD075TX 15-CD075NR TPN-Q190 CPU Cooling Fan 4-Pin PN 926845-001

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New Compatible for HP Pavilion 15-CD 15-CD040WM 15-CD073TX 15-CD075TX 15-CD075NR TPN-Q190 CPU Cooling Fan 4-Pin PN 926845-001 price in Kenya is ksh1,500.00 at Get it in 2 hours/ Same Day for Nairobi, Next Day Countrywide.


Brand                                   SYWpcparts

Power Connector Type        4-Pin

Voltage                                 5 Volts

Compatible Devices            Laptop

Material                                tpn



Brand new CPU replacement fan

Compatible with HP Pavilion 15-CD 17-AR Series 15-CD007CA 15-CD040WM 15-CD051NR 15-CD075NR 15-CD073TX 15-CD075TX 15-CD074CL 15-CD076CL

P/N: 926845-001

LGM AC adapters are tested and designed to meet the power needs of your device. This adapter converts AC power into the DC power required by your device. This supply allows you to operate your device or charge its battery from electrical power outlets. LGM Adapters are a portable power source for when you’re on the go, at home or office. This adapter has been validated and tested to ensure it will work with your device.

Package Includes: 1 piece cooling fan

Fits: 15-cd000 15-cd000ng 1up70ea#abd 15-cd001ds 15-cd001np 15-cd001ng 15-cd001nv 15-cd001ca 15-cd002la 15-cd002ng 15-cd002ds 15-cd002ca 15-cd003nv 15-cd003ur 15-cd003nc 15-cd003la 15-cd003no 15-cd003ca 15-cd004no 15-cd004la 15-cd004ca 15-cd005la 15-cd005no 15-cd005nv 15-cd005ur 15-cd006la 15-cd006ur 15-CD007ca 15-cd007na 15-cd007np 15-cd007nt 15-cd007la 15-cd007no 15-cd008nt 15-cd008no 15-cd009no 15-cd009ur 15-cd010ur 15-cd010nd 15-cd010nt 15-cd010nc 15-cd011nd 15-cd011nc 15-cd011ur;

Fits: 15-ck000 15-ck001ng 15-ck002ur 15-ck003ng 15-CK004tx 15-ck010ca 15-ck010tx 15-ck013ur 15-ck013ca 2SP91UAR#ABL 15-ck013tx 15-ck015nd 15-ck018ca 15-ck025ur 15-ck029nl 15-ck030ng 15-CK032NL 15-ck037tx 15-ck050nz 15-ck064nz 15-ck069tx 15-ck075nr 2LV39UA#ABA 15-ck080nz 15-ck080nd 15-ck090nz 15-ck093nd 15-ck094nd; 15-cc000 15-cc010nr 1KU07UA#ABA 15-cc020nr 1KU08UA#ABA 15-CC030NR 15-cc050wm 15-cc051wm 15-cc055od 15-cc057cl 15-cc058nr 15-cc059nr 15-cc060wm 15-cc063nr 1KU15UA#ABA;

Fits: 15-cc064nr 1KU16UA#ABA 15-cc065nr 1KU17UA#ABA 15-cc066nr 15-cc067cl 15-cc100 15-cc112cl 15-CC123 15-cc123cl 2DS92UAR#ABA 15-cc152od 15-cc152UP 15-cc154cl 15-cc159nr 15-cc178cl 15-CC183 15-cc183cl 15-cc184cl 2SS23UAR#ABA 15-cc187cl 15-CC195CL 15-cc500 15-cc510nr 1KU22UA#ABA 15-cc523ca 15-cc553cl 15-cc555nr 15-cc561st 1KU29UAR#ABA 15-CC563ST 15-CC563NR 15-CC564NR 15-cc564st 15-cc565nr 15-CC566NR 15-cc567nr 15-CC593CA 15-CC593MS 15-cc060wm 15-CC665 15-cc665cl;

Fits: 15-cd012nc 15-cd012nd 15-cd012ur 15-cd014ax 15-cd015na 15-cd017ur 15-cd018ur 15-CD019NA 15-cd020na 15-cd022cl 15-cd022na 15-cd023na 15-CD024CL 15-cd025na 15-CD026CL 15-cd026na 15-cd027na 15-CD028NA 15-cd040wm 15-cd042nr 15-cd050au 15-cd051nr 15-cd054na 15-cd054sa 15-cd056na 15-cd056sa 15-CD057sa 15-cd059na 15-cd059sa 15-cd067ca 15-cd072cl 15-cd072nr 15-cd075nr 15-cd076cl 15-cd097nia 15-cd098nia 15-cd099nia;

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