Toshiba Satellite C850 Series - Laptop Battery

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Toshiba Satellite C850 Series - Laptop Battery price in Kenya is ksh3,500.00 at Get it in 2 hours/ Same Day for Nairobi, Next Day Countrywide


 Xtend brand

10.8 Volts - also compatible with 11.1 Volt systems

5200 mAh runs longer than 4400 mAh batteries


6 Cell


2 Year Warranty

300-500 recharge cycles


The Toshiba Satellite C850, C855D, C855-S5206, and C855-S5214 laptops use the PA5024U-1BRS battery as the primary power source. This replacement battery is designed to provide reliable and long-lasting performance for your Toshiba Satellite laptop.

The PA5024U-1BRS battery offers a high capacity and voltage rating, allowing you to use your laptop for extended periods without the need for frequent recharging. It is built with quality materials and advanced technology to ensure optimal power delivery and efficiency.

To ensure compatibility and proper functionality, it is important to use a genuine Toshiba PA5024U-1BRS replacement battery. Genuine Toshiba batteries are specifically designed for Toshiba laptops and undergo rigorous testing to meet strict quality standards.

Replacing the battery is a straightforward process that can be done by following the instructions provided by Toshiba or referring to the laptop's user manual. It is recommended to power off the laptop and disconnect it from any power source before replacing the battery.

By replacing the old or worn-out battery with a new PA5024U-1BRS battery, you can enjoy extended battery life and uninterrupted usage of your Toshiba Satellite C850, C855D, C855-S5206, or C855-S5214 laptop.

Compatible with these Toshiba models:


Replaces these Toshiba Satellite battery part numbers


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