USB to Parallel Printer Cable

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Connector: USB 1.1 type A male x1; Parallel Sub-D 25 pin female x1

Support data transfer speed up to 12Mbps

Parallel DB25 female with screw

Provide a full-duplex, bidirectional communications bus and can be used for any IEEE-1284 application

Plug and Play Installation


The USB to Parallel Printer Cable is a convenient and versatile cable that allows you to connect a parallel printer to your computer or laptop via a USB port. It serves as a bridge between modern USB technology and older parallel printer interfaces, enabling you to continue using your existing parallel printer with newer computer systems.

With this cable, you can easily connect your parallel printer to a USB port on your computer. It eliminates the need for a dedicated parallel port, which is becoming less common in modern computers. By utilizing the USB interface, you can take advantage of the widespread availability and compatibility of USB ports on most computers.


The USB to Parallel Printer Cable is typically equipped with a USB Type A connector on one end and a parallel printer connector (Centronics or IEEE 1284) on the other end. The USB Type A connector plugs into the USB port of your computer, while the parallel printer connector connects to the corresponding port on your printer.

This cable supports bi-directional communication, allowing you to send print jobs from your computer to the parallel printer and receive status updates or error messages from the printer back to your computer. It provides reliable data transmission, ensuring that your print jobs are accurately and efficiently sent to the printer.

The USB to Parallel Printer Cable is easy to install and use. Once connected, your computer should recognize the printer as if it were connected directly to a parallel port. You can then configure your printing settings and start using your parallel printer with your computer, just as you would with a traditional parallel connection.

It is worth noting that while the USB to Parallel Printer Cable provides compatibility and convenience, the performance may vary depending on the specific printer model and the capabilities of the USB port on your computer. Some advanced printer features or functions may not be supported through this cable, so it's important to check the compatibility and requirements of your printer and computer before purchasing.


In summary, the USB to Parallel Printer Cable offers a practical solution for connecting your parallel printer to a modern computer or laptop with USB ports. It allows you to continue using your existing printer while taking advantage of the convenience and compatibility of USB technology. Enjoy seamless printing with this versatile cable and ensure your printer remains a reliable part of your computer setup.

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