ASUS Battery X551/X551 / X451C / X451CA / X551C/X451

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ASUS Battery X551/X551 / X451C / X451CA / X551C/X451 price in Kenya is ksh4,000.00 at Get it in 2 hours/ Same Day for Nairobi, Next Day Countrywide

Key Specifications


2200 mAh

14.4 volts


Longer life

X451CA Battery Part Numbers:

ASUS 0B110-00250100 ASUS A41N1308

The X551C Battery is also compatible with the following models :

X451, X551,X451C, X451CA X551C, X551CA

100% New from Manufacturer.

 Laptop battery for Asus X551 | Sky.Garden

Technical Specifications


The X551 / X451C / X451CA / X551C ASUS battery X451 is more than just a mere power source for your ASUS laptop; it's a beacon of reliability and resilience, providing the energy you need to navigate through life's challenges.

When you connect this battery to your ASUS laptop, it's like igniting a spark of inspiration and motivation within yourself. It fuels your passion and fuels your drive to pursue your dreams with unwavering determination. With each charge, it becomes a symbol of the potential and possibilities that lie ahead.

As you click it into place, you can almost feel a surge of excitement running through your veins. This battery is not just a technical component; it's a trusted companion that stands by your side, supporting you in your personal and professional endeavors. It understands your need for uninterrupted productivity, ensuring that you have the power to accomplish your tasks and exceed expectations.

The X551 / X451C / X451CA / X551C ASUS battery X451 is a reminder of the connections you've made and the memories you've created using your ASUS laptop. It holds the stories of late-night conversations, creative endeavors, and cherished moments shared with loved ones. It empowers you to stay connected, fostering relationships and nurturing bonds that bring joy and fulfillment to your life.

Asus X551 X551C X551CA X551M X551MA Series A41 D550 0B110-00250100 A31N1319  A41N1308 Replacement Laptop Battery [3 Months Warranty] - EVERCOMPS  TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED - The laptop repair Center Nairobi, Kenya

But this battery goes beyond the realm of functionality; it speaks to your emotions. It symbolizes your capacity for growth and adaptability, just like your ASUS laptop. It accompanies you on your journey of self-discovery, reminding you that you have the power to evolve, transform, and overcome any obstacles that come your way.

With each charge, this battery breathes life into your ASUS laptop, allowing you to unleash your creativity, express your ideas, and make a meaningful impact on the world. It embodies the emotions that drive you – the excitement of new beginnings, the satisfaction of a job well done, and the sense of fulfillment that comes from pursuing your passions.

So, embrace the X551 / X451C / X451CA / X551C ASUS battery X451 as more than just a technical component. Embrace it as a source of inspiration, motivation, and emotional connection. Let it remind you of the incredible potential that lies within you and the power you have to shape your own destiny.

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