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We have the largest variety of adapters in Kenya.

APPLE MAC 20V  4.25A NEW  5 PIN LAPTOP ADAPTER price in Kenya is ksh3,000.00 at Get it in 2 hours/ Same Day for Nairobi, Next Day Countrywide.


Connector Type        MagSafe

Compatible Devices Laptops

Input Voltage            240 Volts

Mounting Type         Wall Mount

Wattage          85 watts

Specification Met      UL

Output Voltage         20 Volts

Power Source            Corded Electric



 The Apple Mac 20V 4.25A 5-pin laptop adapter is a power supply designed for Apple MacBook laptops. It delivers a voltage output of 20 volts (V) and a current output of 4.25 amperes (A). This adapter is equipped with a 5-pin connector that is compatible with the charging port of Apple MacBook laptops.

With this adapter, you can conveniently charge your MacBook and provide power to it while in use. It is important to note that this adapter is specifically designed for use with Apple MacBook models that require a 20V power input and feature a 5-pin charging port. Before using the adapter, ensure that it is compatible with your specific MacBook model.

To use the adapter, connect the 5-pin connector securely to the corresponding charging port on your MacBook. Ensure that the connection is stable and properly seated. Then, connect the other end of the adapter to a suitable power outlet.

It is crucial to handle the adapter with care and avoid exposing it to extreme heat, moisture, or physical damage. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for proper usage and maintenance of the adapter to ensure its longevity and safe operation.


In conclusion, the Apple Mac 20V 4.25A 5-pin laptop adapter is a reliable power supply specifically designed for Apple MacBook laptops. It provides the necessary voltage and current output to charge and power your MacBook. Verify compatibility with your MacBook model and handle the adapter with caution to ensure optimal performance and safety.


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