Crucial 2GB Single DDR2 667MHz (PC2-5300) CL5

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Product Description

The Crucial 2GB Single DDR2 667MHz (PC2-5300) CL5 RAM module is a memory module designed for use in desktop computers or older laptops that support DDR2 memory technology. Here are some details about this specific RAM:

Capacity: The RAM module has a capacity of 2 gigabytes (GB), which provides a modest amount of memory suitable for basic computing tasks and light applications. It may be suitable for older systems or low-resource requirements but may not be sufficient for more demanding tasks or newer software.

DDR2: The RAM module follows the DDR2 (Double Data Rate 2) standard, which is an older generation of DDR RAM technology. DDR2 RAM was commonly used in desktop computers and laptops before DDR3 and DDR4 became prevalent.

Speed: The "667MHz" in the specification refers to the memory module's clock speed, indicating that it operates at a frequency of 667 megahertz (MHz). This speed determines how quickly data can be transferred to and from the RAM module.

PC2-5300: The "PC2-5300" specification provides information about the RAM module's maximum data transfer rate. It signifies a maximum transfer rate of 5300 megabytes per second (MB/s) or 5.3 gigabytes per second (GB/s).

CL5: The "CL5" (CAS Latency 5) refers to the memory module's latency, specifically the number of clock cycles required for the RAM to respond to a data request. Lower latency values generally indicate faster response times.

Compatibility: The Crucial 2GB DDR2 667MHz (PC2-5300) CL5 RAM module is designed for desktop computers or older laptops that support DDR2 memory modules. It's essential to verify your system's compatibility by checking the motherboard specifications or consulting the system's documentation.

Installation: Installing desktop or laptop RAM modules typically involves locating the memory slots on the motherboard, ensuring proper alignment of the RAM module's notch with the slot's key, and firmly inserting the module until it clicks into place.


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