Lenovo ThinkPad X240 X250 T440s T450s Internal Battery

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Product Type: Lenovo Think pad T440s Original Internal OEM Laptop Battery

Condition: Brand new high Quality battery

Voltage: 11.4V

Capacity: 2090mAh

No. of cell: 6

Battery Part  Number:  45N1112 | 45N1113

Warranty: 6 Months Warranty



Compatibility: The replacement battery should be specifically designed to be compatible with the mentioned Lenovo ThinkPad models (X240, X250, T440s, and T450s). It should be designed to fit inside the laptop's battery compartment and have the necessary electrical connections.

Internal Battery: The replacement battery you're looking for is an internal battery, which means it is designed to be installed inside the laptop rather than being an external removable battery. Internal batteries are typically integrated into the laptop's chassis and require disassembly of the laptop to replace.

Battery Capacity: The battery's capacity is typically measured in milliampere-hours (mAh) and indicates how much charge the battery can store. When looking for a replacement battery, consider selecting one with a capacity that suits your usage needs. Higher capacity batteries may provide longer runtime.

Genuine or Third-Party: You can choose between genuine Lenovo batteries or third-party alternatives. Genuine Lenovo batteries are produced by the original equipment manufacturer and are designed to meet the specific requirements of your ThinkPad model. Third-party batteries are produced by other manufacturers and may provide alternative options in terms of capacity, price, and features.

When searching for a replacement internal battery, it's recommended to check with official Lenovo support channels, authorized resellers, or contact Lenovo customer support to ensure the compatibility and availability of the replacement battery for your specific ThinkPad model.

Please note that the availability and specific details of replacement batteries may vary depending on the region and the exact model of your Lenovo ThinkPad X240, X250, T440s, or T450s. It's important to ensure that the replacement battery is compatible with your specific model to avoid any compatibility or performance issues.

I hope this information helps you in finding a suitable internal battery replacement for your Lenovo ThinkPad laptop

Replaces these many Lenovo laptop battery part numbers:


Compatible with the following models:

Lenovo Batteries > ThinkPad X Series > ThinkPad X240 Series

Lenovo Batteries > ThinkPad T Series > ThinkPad T420s

Lenovo Batteries > ThinkPad T Series > ThinkPad T440s

Lenovo Batteries > ThinkPad X Series > ThinkPad X250

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