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Replacement Dell Vostro 3300 Laptop Battery

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We have the largest variety of batteries in Kenya.

Replacement Dell Vostro 3300 Laptop Battery price in Kenya is ksh2,800.00 at Get it in 2 hours/ Same Day for Nairobi, Next Day Countrywide


Number of cells: 6 cells

Voltage: 14.8 volts

Capacity: 5400MAH

P/N: 7W5X09C 312-1007 7W5X0 50TKN NF52T GRNX5 0XXDG0 451-1135

 Dell Vostro 3300 Battery Replace The Following Part Number:






Dell Vostro 3300 Battery Fit With Following Models: 

Vostro 3300

Vostro 3300N

Vostro 3350



 Compatibility: The replacement battery is specifically designed for the Dell Vostro 3300 laptop model. It is compatible with this particular model and provides a suitable power source.

Capacity: The replacement battery typically comes in different capacities, such as 6-cell or 9-cell options. The capacity indicates the amount of charge the battery can hold, which affects its runtime. Higher capacity batteries generally offer longer battery life.

Quality: The replacement battery is designed to meet or exceed the performance of the original Dell Vostro 3300 battery. It is made with high-quality materials and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its reliability, safety, and compatibility with the laptop.

Installation: The replacement battery is designed to be easily installed into the Dell Vostro 3300 laptop. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer's instructions or refer to the laptop's user manual for proper installation steps.

When purchasing a replacement battery, it is important to verify the compatibility with your specific Dell Vostro 3300 model and consider factors such as capacity, quality, and warranty. It is advisable to purchase from reputable sources or authorized resellers to ensure the authenticity and quality of the replacement battery.


Please note that the availability and specific details of replacement batteries may vary depending on the region and the specific model of the Dell Vostro 3300. It is recommended to refer to official Dell support channels, authorized resellers, or contact Dell customer support for accurate and up-to-date information about the availability and compatibility of replacement batteries for your specific Dell Vostro 3300 model.

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