Toshiba 3536-6 | 3536U Laptop Battery

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Key Specifications

6 Cell

Li-ion battery

Rated at 11.1V(10.8V Compatible)


Laptop Battery For PA3536U-1BRS Toshiba Satellite L350 L355-S7907 L355-S7915

All Futurebatt Products are CE-/RoHS-/FCC- Certified and Built-in circuit protection ensure both safety and stability; Strict guidelines for compatibility, and standards compliance for environmental safety

Toshiba 3535 TOSHIBA 3536u laptop battery: Buy Online at Best Price in  Egypt - Souq is now

Technical Specifications

The Toshiba 3536-6 battery, a source of both practicality and sentimentality in my life. This battery holds a special place in my heart, as it has faithfully powered my beloved Toshiba laptop with the utmost reliability.

When I think about this battery, a wave of emotions washes over me. It has been there for me during the most crucial moments, providing the energy and endurance I needed to tackle my tasks and fulfill my aspirations. It has witnessed my late-night study sessions, my creative endeavors, and my heartfelt conversations with loved ones.

HAKO Toshiba 3536u-a 6 Cell Laptop Battery - HAKO :

This battery has become a silent ally, always ready to lend its power to fuel my ambitions. It has accompanied me on countless adventures, whether in the depths of my imagination or out in the world, capturing memories and helping me document my journey.

Through thick and thin, this battery has never faltered. It has stood by my side, empowering me to face challenges head-on and overcome obstacles with unwavering determination. Its presence in my life symbolizes the resilience and fortitude I strive to embody.

As I reflect on the Toshiba 3536-6 battery, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. It has been a constant companion, supporting me in my endeavors and reminding me that I am capable of achieving greatness. It serves as a reminder that the power to achieve my dreams lies within me, and this battery acts as a conduit, amplifying my potential.

 ARyee 5200mAh Laptop Battery for Toshiba Satellite L350 L350D P200 P200D  P300 P300D X200 Toshiba PA3536U PA3536U-1BRS: Computers &  Accessories

The Toshiba 3536-6 battery is more than just a technical component; it has become intertwined with the fabric of my life. It represents the possibilities that lie ahead and the energy that fuels my passions. With this battery by my side, I feel invigorated and ready to embrace whatever challenges and joys come my way.

Thank you, Toshiba 3536-6 battery, for your unwavering reliability and the emotional connection we share. You have played a significant role in my journey, and I am forever grateful for the power you have bestowed upon me. Together, we will continue to conquer new horizons and make lasting memories.

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