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Key Specifications

Manufacturer Miwaimao


Date First Available   March 15, 2020

Toshiba A655 Motherboard

Technical Specifications

The Toshiba C50 Green motherboard is a remarkable piece of technology that captures the essence of efficiency and environmental consciousness. It represents a fusion of performance and sustainability, showcasing Toshiba's commitment to creating innovative solutions with a reduced environmental footprint.

Beyond its environmental virtues, the Toshiba C50 Green motherboard offers a seamless computing experience. It seamlessly integrates with other components, ensuring smooth operations and reliable performance. It acts as the central nervous system of my Toshiba C50 laptop, enabling me to unleash my productivity and creativity with ease.

K000121880 Phqaa La-6831p W Gt540/2gb Hm65 For Toshiba Satellite ...

The Toshiba C50 Green motherboard is an eco-friendly and energy-efficient component designed for the Toshiba C50 laptop. It combines performance and sustainability, featuring green-colored PCB and environmentally conscious materials. It offers seamless integration with other components, ensuring reliable performance. The motherboard embodies Toshiba's commitment to environmental responsibility and serves as a reminder of the need for sustainable technology choices.

In conclusion, the Toshiba C50 Green motherboard is more than just a technological component; it is a symbol of our collective responsibility to protect and nurture our planet. It inspires me to embrace sustainable practices, make conscious choices, and contribute to a greener future. With this motherboard, I am not just computing; I am making a statement—a statement of my commitment to a more sustainable and harmonious world.


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